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Singular Sound BeatBuddy

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The BeatBuddy is a pedal and drum machine combo that gives performers complete control over the beat while playing live. So while you play your instrument, you also have control over the drums. We live-sampled professional drummers at full dynamic range to give BeatBuddy its authentic and organic sounds. When you hear the drum patterns and start to control them live, it’s truly like a human drummer playing along with you.And just like signaling your drummer, you can easily get BeatBuddy switch it up. Our built-in algorithm makes sure that BeatBuddy is always on time, no matter what, so you can focus on becoming a ROCK GOD.

The included Singular Sound Studio (PC/Mac) makes it easy to get new content for your BeatBuddy. Browse our library, use your own files, or share creations with our community.A universe of content is at your disposal. Find custom drum sets, get cover songs, or create your own.Can’t come up with the right fills for your song? Easily rearrange drum patterns that others have created. Just search for fills, narrow down by genre, style, energy level, or any other keywords, and you’ll see thousands of results.Drag and drop your way into greatness.No two performances are exactly the same and the controls could not be easier.

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