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Positive Grid BIAS Distrortion Pro

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In rock music, crunch and gain transformed the electric guitar from a support to a lead instrument, bringing it from the back of the stage to the front. Positive Grid’s groundbreaking component emulation technology allows BIAS Distortion to recreate the sound of almost any existing gain pedal, while providing the ability to create entirely new sounds and textures. It’s the first distortion pedal that works with any amplifier, giving you access to an entire library of gain in a single pedalboard parking space.
The days of ripping apart your existing pedalboard to experiment with drive sounds are over: with support for 20 customized presets and a built-in variable boost, BIAS Distortion can get virtually any gain sound you need for your gigs or sessions. Assign three different custom gain pedals to the onboard footswitches, and use the variable tri-boost to kick it into high gear for intense sections or solos. With BIAS you can finally end the Pedalboard Shuffle - just download one of the thousands of pedals available on the ToneCloud® or customize one yourself to explore new sounds.
Positive Grid’s unique component emulation engine allows you to recreate almost any existing pedal circuit, expanding your gain vocabulary and redefining what the term “distortion pedal” really means. Using BIAS Pedal software on a desktop computer or mobile device, you can utilize two separate clipping sections and mix and match the characteristics of germanium/silicon diodes, JFET/MOSFETs and vacuum tube gain blocks. Change the headroom by varying the voltage on the virtual power supply, modify the feel of the pedal with the compressor, or utilize two super-flexible EQ stages for even more tone-shaping power. There’s even a built-in noise gate - the sonic possibilities are immense!
Offering both True and Buffered Bypass operation, BIAS Distortion is built into a sturdy road-ready enclosure and uses high-quality components and tour-grade footswitches. Built-in Bluetooth wireless makes it easy to tweak sounds with your mobile device even at the gig, and the industry-standard DC power jack is compatible with every professional pedalboard power supply on the market, including those from Voodoo Labs, Ciocks, Strymon and Burkey.
You don’t have to be a tweakhead to take advantage of the massive creative power under the hood of BIAS Distortion. All BIAS pedals can connect to the Positive Grid ToneCloud®, giving you access to thousands of custom pedals uploaded by artists, recording studios and fellow guitarists. If you have a distortion pedal you simply can’t live without, BIAS Pedal software can clone it using Positive Grid’s exclusive Tone Match® technology!

• Digital distortion pedal
• Positive Grid Tone Match technology
• 20 Factory Distortion presets
• Simulates tube, germanium, silicon, JFET and MOSFET clipping diodes - can mix 2 diodes
• Built-in Compressor and Noise Gate
• 6 tone shaping knobs (GAIN, BLEND, LEVEL, LOW, MID and HIGH)
• An additional booster with a boost volume control and 3 booster types
• True Bypass and Buffer Bypass
• Integrated BIAS Pedal software for pedal design, preset management and hardware customization
• ToneCloud accessible for preset sharing
• Firmware upgrades for new features

• Mono TS Hi-Z input
• Mono TS line output (Preamp pedal)
• EXP. input for expression pedal with TRS cable
• 5 Pin MIDI In & Thru
• Micro USB connectivity for BIAS Pedal desktop software or optional power source
• Bluetooth connectivity for BIAS Pedal mobile interface
• 9V DC jack with negative tip
• 3 Footswitches to recall presets
• Footswitch button for Boost
• Dimension: 22.7 x 14.2 x 6.2 cm
• Weight: 1.3 kg

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