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Meinl Deep Hats - Anika Nilles

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Meinl Deep Hats - Anika Nilles

Artist Concept-sarjan erikoishihat. Anika Nilles Signature. 18"/18"

"What I really like about my Deep Hats is that they have so many musical applications.They fill the sonic gap between my main hihats, and my crashes. I play them half open as a time keeper, very similar to crash-riding, however the Deep Hats sound softer and more articulated.That is something I prefer. They have the right amount of wash and trashiness, combined with a soft, dark tone. Absolutely perfect for my style of playing."  - Anika Nilles

  • Anika Nilles Signature
  • Artist Concept-sarja
  • Koko: 18"/18"
  • Metalliseos: b20 pronssi
  • Mukana tulee Meinl X-Hat kiinnike

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