Marshall DSL5COMBO

Marshall DSL5COMBO

Normaali hinta €339.00 Alennushinta €396.00
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With a 10” Celestion Ten-30 speaker, perfectly chosen for great sound at low levels, this 5W amp provides you with the chance to experiment in your own home or at rehearsals. The variety of features mean that it can be used for multiple genres, anything from blues rock to heavy metal.

You can reduce power to 0.5W and use the emulated output making this amp is ideal for those quieter moments.

Using the footswitchable gain channels the DSL delivers anything from clean, classic tones to heavy distortion with extra bite.

The studio quality reverb, tone shift, deep and FX loop features allows for you to add depth and shaping to your sound.

  • Channels:2, ultra gain and classic gain
  • Output wattage:5W with optional power reduction 1W
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4" jack speaker output, 16Ω load only,1 x 1/4" jack emulated line out
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4" instrument jack, 1 x 3.5mm jack Aux in, footswitch
  • Controls:Classic gain channel (gain, volume), channel select, ultra gain channel (gain, volume), tone shift button, treble, middle, bass, deep EQ shift, reverb, low power option (on rear)
  • Effects:Digital reverb
  • Effects loop:Yes, series, send/return
  • Preamp valves:2 x ECC83
  • Power amp valves:1 x 12BH7
  • Speaker configuration: 1x10"
  • Speaker model: Celestion Ten-30 (30w, 16Ω)
  • Cable:Detachable power cable included
  • Footswitch:PEDL-90012 included.
  • Weight:12,7 kg
  • Width:455 mm
  • Height:425 mm
  • Depth:240 mm

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