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Markbass Super Synth (NOS / käytetty)

Normaali hinta €150.00 Alennushinta €299.00
Hinta voimassa verkkokaupan kautta tehdyissä tilauksissa.

Pre-facelift version (-> 2015). Almost new in box. 14 days money back guarantee - no warranty. 

Markbass SUPER SYNTH turns your bass into a synthesizer—with seriously cool sounds and no tracking delay! It also doubles as a digital octaver, with both octave up and octave down layers. The parameters of the pedal’s presets can be modified using the Markbass Pedal Controller software. Simply install the software, connect the pedal to your computer using a USB cable, modify the presets as desired, and then load them back onto the pedal. Like all our pedals, this unit features true bypass.

Here a very cool  track recorded by Markbass user JAMIE LABOZ using just a bass and a Markbass Super Synth: 

Input: 1x ¼” mono jack

Input Impedance: 200 Kohm

Outputs: 2x ¼” jack mono (mono L , stereo L+R)

Presets: 12 (user modifiable)

Gain: -10 ÷ +16dB

CUT FREQ (Synth Mode): 70 ÷ 14000 Hz

TONE PRESETS: seven factory presets (1-7) / one user presets (8)

Power requirements:  DC Input: +12 VDC / 550 mA minimum*

Dimensions: 6.53”x 5.59”x 2.08” / 166 x 142 x 53 mm

Weight: 1.61 lbs / 731 gr

* 12VDC power supply included 

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