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  • Dunlop John Petrucci Primetone Jazz III - Aron Soitin
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Dunlop John Petrucci Primetone Jazz III

€9.45 EUR
€9.45 EUR

Dunlop Primetone John Petrucci Jazz 3

Petruccin omin sanoin:

“This pick’s custom bevel is based on the edge of one of my own well-worn picks. It’ll glide off your strings like glass with a loud, bold sound thanks to its super durable Ultex® material. The Jazz III tip provides precision and clarity, while the custom grip ensures ultimate control. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.” 

  • Kestävää Ultexia
  • Paksuus 1,38mm
  • Väri: Oxblood-punainen
  • Grippikuvio pinnassa
  • Paketissa 3 plektraa