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dB Technologies FLEXSYS FM10 Active Coaxial Stage Monitor

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Aktiivinen 2-tie koaksiaali-kaiutin 1-tuuman diskanttielementillä (torviohjaus) ja 10-tuuman bassoelementillä.
Taajuusvaste 72 hertsiä – 20 kilohertsiä [+/- 3dB]
Kaiuttimessa sisäänrakenettu D-luokan digitaalinen Digipack™-vahvistin, jonka tuottama maksimiteho on 800 W.
Vahvistinta ohjaa 48 kilohertsin näytteenottotaajuudella toimiva 24 bittinen digitaalinen signaaliprosessori.
Vahvistimessa 8 käyttäjän valittavissa olevaa esiasetusta.
Vahvistimessa sisäänrakennettu limitteri (RMS, peak ja thermal), joka suojaa kaiutinelementtejä yliohjautumiselta sekä kaiutinta ylikuumenemiselta.
Kotelo: vahvistettu Multiplex H.E.T-päällysteellä.
Mitat: leveys 370 mm, korkeus 290 mm
syvyys 410 mm, Paino 12,8 kg

The FM 10 renders vocals with such remarkable power, dynamics, and precision that it can serve as a compact fullrange system. This and its extended bass response make it the ideal monitor for vocals and keyboards.

FM Series monitors feature a powerful DSP that offers a crossover, digital multiband limiters, phase correction, and eight variable presets that serve to adapt the monitor to the varying demands of vocalists, instrumentalists, and audio playback applications. digipack digital amplifiers — from a world leader in technology. Our fully integrated digipack™ modules were developed specifically for use in very compact active systems, based on the innovative technology designed for our digipro® power amps and used in our high-end DVA and DVX series products.

The digipack™ power amp modules are rated at more than 90%efficient, that means that they have no need of built-in fans and are extremely reliable and stable in operation.

Moreover, digipack™‘s components are protected by our tried and tested built-in limiters, and our carefully designed circuitry ensures that the output remains even and transparent — the most important qualities for maximum listening pleasure — even in noisy environments.
Speaker Type: 2-Way Active Coaxial Stage Monitor

Frequency Response [+/- 3dB]: 72 - 20.000 Hz

Max SPL: 120 dB

HF: 1 "

Type HF: compression driver

Horn: CD Horn

LF: 10"

Amp Technology: Digipack™

Amp Class: Class D

Peak Power: 800 W

Controller: DSP 24bit/48kHz

System Presets: 8 presets

Limiter: Dual Active Peak, RMS, Thermal

Housing: Multiplex with H.E.T coating, reinforced

Housing Design: Multifunctional, Low Profile

Angles Up: 2 monitor angles °

Width: 370 mm (14.8 in)

Height: 290 mm (11.6 in)

Depth: 410 mm (16.4 in)

Weight: 12.8 kg (28.22 lbs)

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