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Amedia The Stingray Ride 24"

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Unique, cutting edge and unparalleled, are adjectives that do not do justice to the The Stingray, the 24” square ride. But more than a ride the “Effects” characteristics of the Stingray make them a multiuse instrument for your cymbal setup.

The Stingray, the original in the series is a 24” square format. Breaking new ground in cymbal construction today, the Stingray is born of the Dervish Series. The top of the cymbal is hammered without lathing embodying the traditional look of the “Turk” cymbal,which provides an extra dry and articulate stick definition. The under side is fully lathed giving the cymbal a distinct contrast in melodic tones and delivers a full open crash-ride and a thunderous crash and swell. It effortlessly comes back without losing the stick definition.

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